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With so many choices for Web surfers, how can you possibly differentiate your Web site from the competition? FOX MARKETING SERVICES provides you with a full range of Internet Marketing services designed to get your Web site noticed, from developing and implementing your online marketing strategy to evaluating and tracking results.

FOX MARKETING SERVICES offers affordable solutions for those organizations looking for basic Site Launch or Ongoing Response services. We can also provide a customized integrated solution including, but not limited to, any combination of the following services.


We will provide a comprehensive technical and aesthetic review of your site and will help you recognize possible hidden flaws and missed potentials that may be robbing traffic from your site or limiting your conversion of visitors to buyers.
Points we review include:

  • HTML Optimization for Search Engines Search Engines are still the most popular way that people find web sites, and they rarely look past the first page of query results. Clean HTML code and proper use of Meta Tags can help put your site at or near the top.
  • Search Engine and Link Popularity There are hundreds of search engines and directories. Is your site represented in the important ones, and are there any industry specific ones that you've overlooked?
  • Server Response Time Surfers hate to wait. Is your budget server a bargain or is your high priced ISP a bust?
  • Site Navigation and Heiarcy of Information Viewer satisfaction is closely related to the speed and ease with which they can locate the information they need.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Be certain that what you present to the public looks consistent no matter what computer operating platform and web browser they are using.
  • Does your site have any "dead ends?" Some reports peg the percentage of dead links on the Internet at 5%. 
  • File Size Report Large and/or useless graphics and web pages overburdened with information are usually the first problem with slow download times.
  • Marketing Program Cohesiveness We will give you feedback on how well your copy and creative efforts represent your firm and communicate your marketing message.
  • Technical and Aesthetic Critique We'll make suggestions as necessary on how such changes can increase visitor session time and boost response rates.

    Optimization and Search Engine Registration

    We will optimize the HTML code of up to 10 pages of your web site for search engine placement. We then manually submit your home page URL to over 100 search engines and relevant industry directory web sites to guarantee that your site is listed in the proper category with the most keywords and longest description of your web site that each posting will accept. This option offers the best value for jump starting a new or low trafficked web site.

    While automated search engine listing services are cheaper, they don't provide the individual attention your site will need to achieve its best listing. In addition to search engines, we also list your site on directory sites that organize information by category. Many are general or all encompassing sites, but we also take the time to hunt out directory sites that are industry specific where viewers are intent on finding the services or products you offer.

    Guaranteed Search Engine Placement

    Most web surfers utilizing search engines for queries do not scroll past the first page of results. This program is designed to place your web site in the top results of 13 of the major search engines for keywords searches you specify. Our knowledge and experience of how the major search engine's algorithms affect your web site's listing can place your company at the top of everyone's search.

    We guaranty that on average your site will be listed in the top 30 of the major search engines at least twice for your keyword phrases within 90 days. For 20 keyword phrases we guarantee 40 placements of your site within the top search engines.

    Need more information on this service? Please contact us via E-mail at [email protected] or call us at (800) 771-8250. We will E-mail the information to you. If you prefer to receive this information via fax just include your fax number in your message.

    Web Site Creation

    With the Internet rapidly changing the way that we do business, every company should have a web site that dramatically stimulates business and brings substantial cost savings. Fox MarketingÕs experienced Web Masters can put your business on-line and construct a custom site geared to maximize your profits. Each site is custom designed to fit your particular needs.

    Already have a web site? FOX MARKETING WEB SERVICES can develop a customized strategy designed to attract targeted visitors to your site, generate qualified leads and increase your customer base. FOX MARKETING WEB SERVICES provides you with a full range of Internet Marketing services designed to get your Web site noticed, from developing and implementing your online marketing strategy to evaluating and tracking results.
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